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The Fall of Fortresses by Elmer Bendiner, and a Note Found in a Dud Shell -Truth! & Pending Investigation!
Fliers Call for Jews to Register with Pro-Russians in Ukrainian City-Pending Investigation!
Tweet from Charlie Daniels About Harry Reid-Authorship Confirmed!
Boy Sang Gospel Song Until Kidnapper Released Him-Truth!
Marines Helped Evacuate Children From Pentagon Day Care on 9/11-Fiction!
AC/DC Is Retiring Because Guitarist Malcolm Young Had A Stroke-Fiction!
Football Player Michael Vick Attacked By Pitbull-Fiction!
Energy Saving Bulb Dangers–Fiction!
Video of Hypnotized Bunny Taking a Shower-Truth!
Volkswagen’s New 300 MPG Car Not Allowed in America Rumor-Fiction!
Harry Reid Behind Bureau of Land Management Land Grab of Bundy Ranch-Pending Investigation!
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney's Soviet Propaganda Posters-Truth!
European Newborn Babies Will Be Microchipped From May 2014-Fiction!
Don Knotts Was a Chicken Plucker Called Jesse-Truth! & Unproven!
Heartbleed Bug Vulnerability Warning-Truth!
Michelle Walks Out As Obama Divorce Battle Explodes- Pending Investigation!
NBC Predicted RFID Chips to be Implanted in all Americans by 2017-Truth! & Fiction!
Student Asked to Change Paper on Jesus-Truth!
Actress Hedy Lamarr Invented a "Secret Communications System"-Truth!
F-35 Airplane Takes Off Vertically, Flips-Fiction!
Gardasil, Cervarix Vaccines for HPV Cause Death-Fiction!
Mediacombb or Mediacom Email Notice to Customers-Fiction! & Phishing Scam!
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Died-Fiction!
Justin Bieber Admits To Being Bisexual-Fiction!
California Elects Obnoxious Women-Confirmed Authorship! 
Crest 3D Toothpaste Leaves Blue Balls in Gums-Pending Investigation! 
Some Motel 6 Will Only Rent Rooms To Those 21 and Over-Truth!
Cameron Lyle Ended His Athletic Career to Save the Life of a Young Man with Leukemia-Truth!
Will Smith was Injured Filming Hancock 2 and Died During Surgery-Fiction!
Click “Like” on Facebook to Help Boy Who Was Shot by Stepfather–Fiction!
Single Volcano Erased Years of Carbon Dioxide Reduction Efforts-Fiction!
The Quick AA Battery Test Video on YouTube-Truth!
UFO Cow Abductions- Unproven! & Pending Investigation!
Record-Breaking Megawoosh Waterslide Jump-Fiction!
U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine will go to Russia-Truth!
Mozilla CEO Stepped Down Over Proposition 8 Donation-Truth!
Red Bull Energy Drinks Contain Bull Sperm-Fiction!
Running Herd of Bison in Yellowstone is an Indication of Volcanic Eruption-Fiction!
$400K Camel Statue in Pakistan-Truth!
Satanic Barista at Starbucks Upsets Catholic Customer-Truth!
A Country Of Idiots by Jeff Foxworthy-Fiction!
Hobby Lobby's Retirement Plan Invests in Contraception Manufacturers-Truth! & Pending Investigation!
2014 Tax Increases- Truth! & Fiction!  Depending on the bracket!
The Account of Former Navy Seal Christopher Hebon-Truth!
Class Action Suit Awarded $75 to Naked Juice Drinkers-Truth!
Lemons Kill Cancer Cells Better Than Chemotherapy-Fiction!
There Was Widespread Voter Fraud in the 2012 Presidential Election-Fiction!
The Inspiration for Albrecht Dürer's Famous Artwork “The Praying Hands”-Fiction!
Letter to Editor Calling President Obama "No Ordinary Weakling"-Confirmed Authorship!
Has Bill Clinton Been Snared in a Pedophile Ring?-Pending Investigation!
Social Security Becoming "Federal Benefit Payments"-Investigation Pending!
British Scientists Clone Dinosaur-Fiction!
IRS Employing al-Qaeda Tipster Mohammad Weiss Rasool-Pending Investigation!
Rick Dyer's Bigfoot Shooting-Fiction!
Rhode Island State Senator Launched F-Bomb at Infowars Reporter-Truth!
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories-Pending Investigation!
Health Benefits of Oil Pulling-Unproven!
Christian Charity World Vision to Hire Employees in Same Sex Marriages-Truth! But Later Reversed!
Aborted Babies Incinerated To Heat U.K. Hospitals-Truth!
Jeff Gordon And Stephen Rhodes Confirm Homosexual Relationship-Fiction!
Nun Sues Krishna-Unproven!
Obscene Salaries of Elected Politicians-Fiction!
Stray Dog Rescues Abandoned Baby-Truth!
City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law-Fiction! & Satire!
Verizon FiOS Defends Porn as a "Tremendous Benefit To Consumers"-Truth!
Malaysia Airlines Ad Predicted the Missing MH-370 Incident- Fiction!
Obscene Salaries of Welfare Recipients- Reported to be Truth!
Woman Rescued by Google Earth After 7 Years on Island-Fiction!
Westboro Baptist Church Fred Phelp’s Deathbed Confession “I’m Gay”-Fiction! & Satire!
Extending the Range of Car Key Remotes by Touching Key Them to Your Head-Truth!


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