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Sensible Gun Control-Fiction!
Common Core and the Instructions on the Use of Sex Toys-Fiction!
Mohammed Bakr Al-Baghdadi Converted to Christianity-Fiction!
Obama to Resign January 1st Amid New Benghazi Revelations-Fiction!
FDA Finds Thousands of Coors Light Beer Cans Laced with Cocaine-Fiction!
Chinese Jets Sink Navy Aircraft Carrier-Fiction!
Eric Holder Funded Ferguson Riots-Fiction!
Charles Manson Granted Parole-Fiction!
Should Math be Taught in Schools?-Fiction!
Alex Wagner Leaves MSNBC Blaming Obama's Lies-Fiction!
Joan Rivers' Comments About the Sexuality of President and First Lady-Truth! But it was a Joke!
California Elects Obnoxious Women-Confirmed Authorship! 
The Story of the Motorcycle Owner and the Exploding Toilet-Fiction!
Photo of Elk Hunter With Mountain Lion Watching in Background-Fiction!
City in Michigan First to Fully Implement Sharia Law-Fiction! & Satire!
Pope Francis Asked J.K. Rowling to Write Bible- Fiction! & Satire!
Open Microphone Catches POTUS in Unpatriotic Moment-Fiction!
Photo of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama saluting with their left hands-Fiction!
Facebook Was Created by the CIA for Intelligence Gathering- Fiction!
New Nail Gun by DeWalt Drives Nails from 200 Yards-Fiction!
Gandhi and the Professor-Fiction!
Supreme Court Justice Scalia Resigns From Boy Scouts-Fiction!
The Man Who Owed Zero and Had to Pay Zero to Correct His Bill-Unproven!
Woman Kills Three For Last X-Box at Chicago Wal-Mart-Fiction! & Satire!
Maryland School Requires Children To Cross Dress -Fiction! & Satire!
Obama Gas Stations Pumping Free Gas In Poor Neighborhoods- Fiction!
Shutdown Prompts Congressional Impeachment Hearings-Fiction! & Satire!
Unsafe curbside truck repair picture-Unknown Origin!
Vladimir Putin Describes President Obama-Unproven!
Judge Rules TSA Screenings for Muslims Unconstitutional-Fiction!
Video of Hoverboard and Christopher Lloyd-Fiction!
Letter to Editor Titled "More Modern Way of Living"-Opinion or Satire?
How Bikers Handle PETA Protesters-Fiction!
Photo From a Moose Hunting Trip That Went Wrong-Fiction!
Man Responsible For Olympic Ring Mishap Found Dead In Sochi-Fiction! & Satire!
President Obama Told Interns Not to Celebrate Independence Day-Fiction!
Woman frightened by men on elevator who turn out to be superstars-Fiction!
The Elderly Female Carjacker-Fiction!
The Riddle That 80% of Kindergartners Got Right but Stumped Stanford Seniors-Fiction!
The aircraft carrier that thought a lighthouse was another ship-Fiction!
The origin of the word "shit"-Fiction!
Radical Muslims Predicted to Attack Los Angeles-Fiction!
Video of President Obama Kicking a Door-Fiction!
Craigslist Personal Message to a Mugger-Unproven!
President Obama Declared November National Muslim Appreciation Month-Fiction! & Satire!
President Obama Reported Sedated After Emotional Breakdown-Fiction! & Satire!
Brilliant Beijing Hotel Brochure-Unproven!
The cactus that was teeming with tarantulas-Fiction!
Woman held hostage by Pillsbury biscuit-Fiction!
President: Camel in the butt quote-True
Church Announcement Regarding Cell Phones-Truth!
The "Beaver Dam" correspondence between the state of Michigan and a land owner-Truth!
Congress Has Passed The American With No Abilities Act- Fiction!
Bitstrips App a Secret Spyware for NSA-Fiction! & Satire!
Ben Bernanke Told Everyone At a Neighborhood Bar How Screwed The Economy Really Is-Fiction!
The red-faced TV news anchor-Unproven!
Travel Agent Humor from Washington DC-Unproven!
The Criminal Kerry Supporter Who Stole a Bush Sign-Fiction!
Schwartzkopf's statement about God's appointment with Bin Laden-Unproven!
The width of railroad tracks is based on history that extends back to Roman chariots-Fiction!
Humorous Photo of Mitt Romney and Family That Spells out "MONEY"- Fiction!
The X-rated school cactus project-Fiction!
Plumbing truck with potty scene on the side-Truth!
Insulting voice mail at Pacific Palisades High School in California-Fiction!
Obama refused to answer a question about health plan options for his family-Fiction!
Last words of drivers in fatal auto crashes-Fiction!
Healings at Barack Obama Rallies-Fiction!
The motorist who thought the Biblical rapture was taking place-Fiction!
Burning mouse takes revenge by burning down house-Fiction!
NPR interview with General Reinwald-Fiction!
Confrontation between a French Army officer and a U.S. Marine in Bosnia-Unproven!
Malaysia Airlines Ad Predicted the Missing MH-370 Incident- Fiction!
Proving property title back to its origins?-Fiction!
The two friends who died trying to get into a Metallica concert and earned a Darwin Award-Fiction!
John Kerry gets mixed up quoting his favorite Bible verse-Fiction!
Rumsfeld shutting down Ted Kennedy-Fiction!
Christimas with a blowup doll named Louise-Fiction!
Embarrasing first date-Fiction!
Death rate comparison to Iraq and Washington DC-Fiction!
Picture of a U.S. soldier shaking hands with Hillary Clinton but not happy about it-Truth!
Green grass snakes-Fiction!
The groom who unmasked his unfaithful bride at the wedding reception-Fiction!
The angry granny who avenged her daughter's rape by shooting her attackers-Fiction!
The young man who raffled a dead donkey and grew up to be the chairman of Enron-Fiction!
Al Gore getting confused on Bible Verse-Fiction!
Correspondence Between a Naval Officer and His Superiors in 1870-Fiction!
The world's biggest woman?-Fiction!
The body of a SCUBA diver found in a California forest fire-Fiction!
Website That Offers a Search of U.S. Driver's Licenses-Fiction!
The Hunters who end up dynamiting a brand new SUV and their dog on a frozen lake-Fiction!
Warnings About A Chemical That Is Found In Just About Everything We Consume- Humorous Social Experiment!
Live on a Cruise Liner rather than a Retirement Facility?-Speculation! & Truth!
Columbo's "Excuse Me Mr. Obama"-Truth! Fiction! & Satire!
Declaration of Revocation from England-Writer Unknown!
Adventures in cow tipping-Fiction!
The man who bought fire insurance for his expensive cigars-Fiction!
George W. Bush getting confused on Bible Verse-Fiction!
"Freezing the balls off the brass monkey," a Navy phrase about cannon balls-Fiction!
Billy Evans, the boy who needs a body transplant-Fiction!
Florida Court Sets Atheist Holiday-Fiction! and a Joke!
Buy beer and recycle the cans instead of buying some stocks-Truth! & Fiction!
The saga of the hotel soap-Fiction!
The case of the pregnant lady on the bus in Australia-Fiction!



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